Be Aware H-Litter & U get what U see!

Oscar von Löwenfels

Urs von Löwenfels

Devil vom Greifenring

Be Aware Apollon, a direct descendant of our Devil from Greifenring leads the intransigence and speed of his ancestors Urs von Löwenfels (FMBB World Champion 1995) and Oscar of Löwenfels, the forefather of the German Malinois, furhter in his line.


Urac von Löwenfels



Anita Bilý trpaslík brings the progenitors of known policedog kennel "le Bosseur" Urac & Bonja of Löwenfels in this litter.

Bonja von Löwenfels


The last litter of our breeding bitch from the Mecberger line of Skogster Jan and Mia inbred in combination with the old German lines on Oscar of Löwenfels.

Fotoquelle: Malinoiszwinger "von Löwenfels"


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